Data Center

Data Center Total Solution

Today, data centers play an important role in organizing and concentrating ICT resources. Data center is a capacity to integrate computing equipment, information and sensitive applications in organizations.

Parmoon group designs and implements data centers in the following phases:

Study and identification of existing infrastructure and services in the organization

Providing a feasibility study on setting up a data center in terms of economy and manpower

Investigating the feasibility studies and identification of required new services

Detailed design and implementation of data center;

Data center architecture

Data Center Management Systems

Data Center Security Systems

Designing a Resistant and standard building regarding to physical and environmental threats and also ways to deal with passive defense

Physical access control and monitoring systems in data centers, power plants, generators and uninterruptible power supplies

Electrical installation system, generators and emergency power supplies

Cooling Systems

Power and data cabling

Racks arrangement as well as internal space arrangement of data center

Developing network infrastructure including switches, routers, and so on

Developing network management systems

Installation of servers and required applications

Implementing data storage systems

Installation of softwares, operating systems, databases and applications

Developing backups, storages and retrieval of information

Implementing security systems such as firewalls, IPS and IDS

Implementing information security systems

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