Control and Monitoring System

Control and Monitoring Systems

The control and monitoring system developed by PITC group is capable of observation and control the environmental signals as well as electrical characteristics and also read and execute intended commands. The system is also used for recording and reporting the required parameters in industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential environments.

The system can be used in:

Security locations

Server rooms


Offices, agencies and smart homes


Places where environmental signals are important to them

System capabilities

Ability to measure and control environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, light, and voltage, current, etc.

-Sending/receiving a variety of commands and signals;

-Ability to manage unforeseen modes (to detect anomalies in network, power outages, power supplies, communication with sensors and detecting the problems in telecommunications, etc.)

-Ability to upgrade hardware (hardware modularity of system allows developing hardware parts without a major change.)

System Communication Specification:

- Data transfer through network interface

     such as Wi-Fi, RS232, and RS485, LAN.

Supporting communication infrastructure

     such as DSL, SMS, Telephone, Internet, and GPRS.

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