Building Management System

Building Management System

Today, using BMS it does not matter in which part of the globe you’re standing, you can keep the control of your building. This system will allow you to be online to view and control your building details such as energy management, temperature control and air conditioning, lighting control, security control, presence simulator, plants watering, etc. Comfort, control, security, and reducing of energy costs are the most important factors in the use of intelligent management systems in residential and commercial buildings. PITC group tries to use the most recent technologies of BMS to achieve the flexible automation, more security, energy saving and easy management.

System Features:

Definition and implementation of various control and monitoring scenarios;

Control of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, etc.

Building Lighting Control;

Audio Control systems;

Control of fire alarm systems

Protection and Security Control

Plants watering Control;

Remote control by web, mobile, Internet and SMS;

Comfort and convenience, control, increase safety, and reduce energy costs are among the important factors in the use of intelligent management systems of residential, commercial and office buildings. In this regard, Parmoon Group uses this technology to try to achieve advantages such as flexible automation, high security, energy saving and easy management and..


Improving the efficiency and environmental performance;

Reduction of manpower;

Reduction of personal errors

Flexible automation in building components

Energy saving

Easy to use

More comfort

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