Industrial Automation

 Today, industrial automation, instrumentations in industries and various manufacturing processes can be seen in abundance. Process control and complex measurement systems in industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical industries, food industries and automotive industries require to use accurate tools.

parmoon group tries to use the new technologies to provide industrial systems, industrial process control and measurement of various parameters such as pressure, temperature, voltage, current, etc. and increase products quality and reduce costs in all aspects.


In general, some of the advantages of industrial automation include:

Increasing products quality;

Increasing production rate (production quantities);

- Increase production speed (production quantity)

Quicker and more accurate quality control

Reduction of production waste

Increasing industrial units productivity

Increasing safety factors for manpower and reduce the physical and psychological pressures


One of the important issues related to industrial automation, is monitoring. The monitoring is one of the basic requirements of many industries, especially large industries. Many large industries such as petrochemical, energy industry, chemical industry, etc. without the use of appropriate monitoring system are not able to continue. Goals:

Presentation of the status of machines and devices

Display and record of vital parameters of a system

Display and record of various alarms for errors in the system

Presentation of production processes using appropriate graphical tools

Display production processes using appropriate graphic tools

Set points modifying during the execution of production process

Ability to change some controlled processes via monitoring programs

Record of data and parameters such as time, production rate, used material rate, consumed energy, etc

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