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About Us

About Us

Parmoon Group is established in 2005 with two departments: ICT and Industrial Automation.


پروانه نما: گروه پرمون مجاز است تحت نظارت سازمان فناوری اطلاعات ایران در زمینه ی ارائه ی خدمات مشاوره ی سامانه ی مدیریت امنیت اطلاعات، در کشور فعالیت نماید.
پروانه نما: گروه پرمون مجاز است تحت نظارت سازمان فناوری اطلاعات ایران در زمینه ی ارائه ی خدمات مشاوره ی سامانه ی مدیریت امنیت اطلاعات، در کشور فعالیت نماید.


What we offer

Data Concentrator Unit (DCU)

DCU is an intelligent system to collect and monitor power networks. DCU is designed for data integrating, smart metering and ...

Digital Output Module

Attributes : Having 24V power supply Data transmission via network cable; Ability to control 4 relays , Ability to Support DNP3...

Analog Output Module

Attributes : 24V power supply, connectivity via network cable, has software to change , Having 4 analog outputs, 4 to 20 mA current ...

Sensor Node (Model pwsn-1031)

Attributes : Ability to connect 5 analog sensors, Ability to connect 5 digital sensors ,Maximum range of coverage up to 2km outdoor...

Base Station Module

Attributes : Having 12V adaptor Having touch color LCD to display the information or drawing ,Ability to connect memory up to 4 GB...

Portable Measurement Unit

Attributes : Measuring receive data rate of sensor nodes,Measuring transmit data rate of sensor nodes,Having Rechargeable Battery...


What we offer

Building Management System

Today, using BMS it does not matter in which part of the globe you’re standing, you can keep the control of your building

Industrial Automation

 Today, industrial automation, instrumentations in industries and various manufacturing processes can be seen in abundance

Control and Monitoring System

The control and monitoring system developed by Parmoon group is capable of observation and control the environmental signals

Network Infrastructure

 Parmoon group investigates the strategies to develop the information technology infrastructure as well as telecommunication sites

Data Center

Today, data centers play an important role in organizing and concentrating ICT resources. Data center is a capacity to integrate computing

Penetration Test

Today, the growing security threats such as the proliferation of viruses, Trojans and malwares, network complexity, wireless networks


In recent years, senior executives have provided important information about the success of organizations


ISO 20000 is a standard designed for the management of information technology services, which consists of two parts

ICT Master Plan

Parmoon group provides the ICT master plan and strategic solutions due to the long-term goals


Consulting, design and implementation of Information Security Management System Consulting, design and implementation of

Our Customers

Our Customers

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Parmoon Group

Address: Kerman, at the end of Imam Juma Street, Science and Technology Park building

Fourth Floor, Unit 304, Permon Information Technology Company

Postal Code: 7613999575




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